Student Conduct

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The University of Alabama has a unique process for students accused of violating the rules found in the student code of conduct. This process first, notifying the student that they have been accused of violating one or more rules in the student code of conduct, and then second, holding a hearing to determine whether the student has violated one or more of the rules. If the student agrees with the findings at the hearing, he or she will be sanctioned at that time. If a result is not achieved that day, there will be a an additional hearing.

During the hearing, the student has the right to bring an advisor, such as a lawyer, with them to the hearing. The advisor may not be a witness or party to the conduct. Having a lawyer attend the student conduct hearing with the student benefits them by presenting a professional appearance, preventing them from speaking out of turn, making sure they understand the entire process, and protecting their education and reputation.

If you are a student at The University of Alabama and have received notice of a Student Conduct violation, you have a limited amount of time to respond. Don’t wait to contact an attorney.


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