College Students

Student cases are unique

Whether you attend the University of Alabama, Shelton State University, or another West Alabama school, you need an attorney who understands the unique challenges you’re facing if you’ve been charged with a crime. In addition to the threat of a criminal record, your education and your future career job prospects are on the line. 

I work with students to restore their student status and clear their records. Most importantly, we will get through this together.

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For Parents

One of the most frightening calls a parent can receive from their child is a panicked call in the middle of the night from  jail – especially if you are many miles or even several states away. 

I can help. 

For most college students, they have never stepped foot in a courtroom. I can help your student every step of the way through the legal process, including working to get their charges lowered or dismissed if possible. I will also keep in close communication with them to make sure they never miss a court date or drug test if that is required from the court. 

Most importantly, I will fight to protect your student’s record by keeping it sealed, if eligible. 

If your student has been charged with any crime – misdemeanor or felony – contact me to discuss their case. 

Student Highlights

Easy, modern communication

Students and parents can text their lawyer with questions about their case at any time. Have a question now? Text me. 205-687-3023

Representation at Student Conduct hearings

Experienced at representing students at UA Student Conduct hearings and preserving their rights.

Conveniently located in Downtown Tuscaloosa

My office is in the historic Alston Building on Greensboro Ave., directly across from the Bama Theater.

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